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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Modjeska & Silverado Canyons Ablaze Now

This is just so sad to watch. These canyons on the front side of the Santa Ana Mountains have been my playground ever since I was young. I've used them for hiking, off roading, hunting, fishing, and for just taking a scenic cruise. I knew this day of reckoning was near, I just didn't know exactly when it would come. These canyons haven't burned in a long long time. The fuel in there is thick. In a sick perverted way, this is natures way of renewing itself. Fires are essential for the health of forests. The people that live in these areas should well be aware of the risks that come with the beauty of the place. So while I'm very upset that these fires were deliberately set, it shows that mother nature is still in charge.

As an aside, I got to watch some of the news conference about the Santiago Fire with Assemblyman Todd Spitzer and OC Fire Chief Chip Prather. Wannabe Assemblyman Neil Blais was also getting some face time standing behind Prather & Spitzer. Good job getting on TV Neil nodding your head in assent every time Todd & Chip uttered a word.


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