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Friday, September 21, 2007

An Evening With RNC Chairman Mike Duncan

Where to begin about tonight down at the posh St Regis Resort. Lynn and I were invited to an event earlier tonight with RNC Co-Chairman Mike Duncan. I was already worried about next year's Presidential election and after tonight I'm ready to push the panic button after hearing what Chairman Duncan and the RNC have planned for the party apparatus next year. Let me preface my next comments by saying that I like the Republican Party. I am a member of said party, but I consider myself a conservative libertarian activist before being a Republican. Mr Duncan needs to get out a lot more and talk to grassroots activists about what is happening in the country today. A couple of questions were directed to him about illegal immigration. His solution to the problem was everything that President Bush has been trying to shove down our throat...i.e guest workers, a technological fence, and no real physical barrier fence. He mentioned he had spoken with our Governor earlier in the day about the health care issue and said Arnold had some interesting solutions to solve those problems. Thank god Mimi Walters was in the room and spoke up about that. She basically told the Chairman that Arnold was full of crap...that Arnold was not working with Republicans on health care at all on the issue. The room erupted in applause. Did I mention that Chairman Duncan needs to get out of his office more? Oh yeah I did already. The best question of the night was about the Patriot Act. A fellow Ron Paul activist that was there asked the Chairman about the Patriot Act. I swear you could have a heard a pin drop after the question was asked. I'm guessing he wasn't expecting this chin music from our type of group. He dodged the question, said his goodbyes, and then was hustled into another room. The event was over. It was a fun night. I was on my best behavior. The night reinforced my notion of sending political contributions to good candidates and the local party apparatus only. The RNC is still clue free on why we lost last year.


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