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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Nightmare Dream Act

I've been posting a lot lately about Ron Paul and our nation's precarious financial situation, but don't think I'm not following the latest news coming out of DC about the so called Dream Act(which is actually more like a nightmare). After getting routed in their battle to give amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens, the open border lobby is trying to sneak a provision onto a Defense Appropriations Bill that would be a Trojan horse for unlimited amounts of illegal aliens to get citizenship through a big loophole. No dice guys. You lost. Get over it. We are not doing any more amnesty bills.


  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger Agent Orange said…


    You may be informed about the latest news coming out of DC about the so called Dream Act, but you are totally misinform about the true Nightmare Act (A.K.A. "Davis-Stirling Act"), Linn finds it amusing and RON PAUL has no clue about real USA fascism.

    Check this out: One of the alternatives the HOA gave the owners was "EXIT -- MOVE OUT." But the worst is this: the OWNER'S attorney doesn't even bother to show up in court! Read further on regarding "we're just enforcing the rules the owner SIGNED", then check out the uselessness of mediators, mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] and at what point that wanking comes into the picture, prolonging the issue and costing more money. What a waste of time and money! But, HOAs can do that.


    Thursday, September 20, 2007


    Where to park vehicle, which has handicap plates, was subject of judge's ruling for homeowners group.

    The Orange County Register

    ALISO VIEJO – A legal dispute between a family and its homeowner association over the parking of a white van with handicap plates came to an apparent end with a settlement agreed to outside of court.

    The agreement comes almost five months after an Orange County judge made a $5,425 ruling against Lenand and Carol Henderson and prohibited the elderly couple from parking their white GMC Safari van within the association's property.

    Under the agreement reached by the Laguna Audubon II homeowner association and the couple with the aid of a mediator, the association agreed to waive $1,400 in fines levied against the Hendersons and included in the judgment. The association also agreed to waive the rest of the judgment, which included legal fees, as long as the Hendersons complied with the association's rules and regulations for a period of one year, or moved out of the community before then.

    Under the agreement, the Hendersons, both in their 80s, are allowed to park the van in the driveway of the four-bedroom, two-story home.

    "I'm happy because the money part of it is gone, but we don't feel like it's home," said Catherine Griffith, Lenand and Carol Henderson's daughter. "I'm happy it's over for my mom."

    Since May 2006, residents living in the Laguna Audubon II homeowner association began receiving notices resembling traffic tickets from contractors hired by the Laguna Audubon II board of directors.

    The notices pitted several homeowners against the association, which later decided to cancel its contract with the company that was issuing the notices, and spawned an effort by some residents to recall the volunteer board.

    Troubles between the Hendersons and the association began in June 2006, when the couple and Griffith began receiving notices and fines regarding the white van.

    The association argued that the van was a large commercial vehicle, which is prohibited from being parked within the association property according to the rules.

    Carol Henderson said the white van was not a commercial vehicle, but instead a van with handicap plates the family used for her ill husband, who uses a wheelchair.

    In a previous interview, the association's president, Dan Newkrik, said the association was merely enforcing the rules all residents sign when they first purchase a home within the association, which are meant to keep the community in pristine condition.

    In April, the court issued a ruling against the Hendersons, after their attorney did not appear in court, for fines totaling $1,400 and legal fees, for a total of $5,425.

    After that judgment had been made, the Hendersons and their attorney said they were considering following up that lawsuit with a case of their own against the association because the rules were denying them access to their van with handicap plates.

    Timothy Ryan, an attorney representing the Hendersons, said he was then contacted by the mediation firm of Alternate Dispute Resolution, which brought both parties to the bargaining table.

    The judgment is expected to be waived by the association if the plans of the Hendersons and their family are followed through.

    They plan to move out of the community.

    "We thought we came here for a good life," Catherine Griffith said. "This doesn't feel like home."

    Contact the writer: shernandez@ocregister.com or 949-454-7361

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    You know Stan I agree with you that HOAs are evil. I get it. You don't have to lecture me about this. Damn.

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger Agent Orange said…

    Trust me Allan!... I must lecture every American about the HOA/CID tyranny.

    It is not only the evil (the element of governing) which you and Lynn should be concerned about, it is the land grab via the HUD and CAI industry, by conspiracy, which you are unwilling to understand from your lazy vantage point of view.

    They are taking our land!... That is unconstitutional!
    The C&Rs servitudes are unconstitutional too.

    How many people asked Mr Duncan about the constitutional right to own a land without any conditions, restrictions and servitudes.

    ZERO, NONE, -0-

    That is more dangerous than slipping dollar or deficit, yet no one gives a shit.



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