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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ron Paul At USC

(sarcasm on)There sure seems to be a lot of phone & internet spammers in this picture. Ah they probably just photoshoped all those people into the picture to make it look like there were more of us there LOL!(sarcasm off) Pretty soon we get to spam the ballot boxes too.

Well I'm back from an afternoon at USC stumping for my Presidential candidate Ron Paul. I have a bunch of observations to share with my readers. The first is that I now know why tuition at USC costs $30k per year. What a gorgeous campus. I walked into a building to use the bathroom and it felt like I was in a brand new office building...marble floors, oak doors, etc. What I'm trying to say is that these guys don't skimp on their facilities. As for the rally itself, it was awesome. I'd estimate that we had about 1000 people crowded around Tommy Trojan in the quad area cheering on Dr. Ron Paul in the blazing summer heat. There is something about this campaign that is drawing large spontaneous crowds of people eager to hear the message of freedom. Our Irvine Meetup group sent at least 30 people to the rally from OC off our list of RSVPs, but there were probably more than that. I'll post some pictures when I get done uploading them tomorrow.

After the rally, it was off to a cocktail party fundraiser on the SC campus. I had a chance to chat w/Ron for a few minutes about how the campaign was going. The man is so energetic. I don't know how these guys keep the schedule that they do. He had four events today, four events scheduled in SF tomorrow, five events in Seattle Friday, and a full schedule Saturday in Salt Lake City. I also had a chance to speak w/Ron's right hand man and Campaign Manager Kent Snyder. Kent's keeping Ron's fundraising numbers close to the vest, but he said the fundraising for this quarter is doing great. I can't wait to hear about them on or about Oct. 15th. I thought one of the funniest moments in Ron's speech before us at the cocktail party was his story of how some political hacks had tried to infiltrate his campaign headquarters to find out what the secret is for building hundreds of spontaneous Meetup Groups. As if they could duplicate this without a great message. Memo to hacks: someone like Giuliani, McCain, Romney, or Fred Thompson will never be able to generate the passionate grassroots support like Ron has because they have a crappy message of being George W Bush clones. That ain't selling right now. Save your money you're wasting trying to duplicate a strategy that will never work for your guys.

Here a link to watch video of the rally

Here's a pic of me in the background. Fox reporter Suzanne Marques was looking for an SC student to interview after the rally and I went and got Max Ukropina from our Meetup Group who also happens to be an SC student to come over for the interview. He made it on the 10 o'clock news that night. Good job Max.

From left to right: Karl(webmaster of
ronpaulforpresident2008), Kent Snyder(Campaign Manager), Eddie Karam(Irvine Meetup member and assistant organizer), Yours truly, and Max Ukropina(Irvine Meetup member & USC student)

More pictures of the rally


  • At 1:04 AM, Blogger Elliot said…

    Thanks for the insightful recap! I wish I could've been there, but though I'm a USC student I'm currently taking the semester off. Glad you had a great time, and keep blogging!

  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    Thanks Elliot


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