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Monday, March 19, 2007

Tonight's OC GOP Central Committee Meeting

I made a game time decision to head over to the Irvine Hyatt for tonight's monthly Central Committee meeting. I'm glad I went. The speaker was Brian Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute. He spoke on a topic near & dear to my heart, illegal immigration. Most of what he said I already knew, but it's still good to hear what Mr Kennedy had to say, especially from someone as distinguished as him. The number that made most of the assembled GOPers collectively gasp was the 200 million new immigrants from Latin America in the next thirty years that they are projecting if the amnesty goes through like President Bush and a lot of Republican Presidential hopefuls want. Once given amnesty, the current "reform" being proposed would allow most family members of the illegal aliens to jump in the front of the line before immigrants trying to get here legally. The strain that this is going to put on our social services is virtually incalculable. It's basically going to turn this country into a socialistic democracy according to Mr. Kennedy(one could argue that we are practically there anyways right now). Mr. Kennedy left before I could ask him who in his opinion is the best GOP Presidential candidate on this issue out of the top three right now....Romney, Guiliani, or McCain? I asked Chairman Baugh after the meeting this question and Scott said out of the three, he thinks Romney has the toughest/best position on illegal immigration, albeit a weak one compared to what needs to be done. Scott is obviously a little biased since he's one of Romney's fundraising chairmen. Lou Penrose from John Campbell's office was not as nice to Romney when I asked him the same question. He believes all three top/big three GOP candidates are weak on the issue, but out of the three, Romney was/is our only and best hope. This is sad. It is a horrible reflection of how out of touch the would be leaders in our party are on this issue. After hearing this, I really am not optimistic about the future for this country. I'll be supporting Ron Paul in the primary.


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