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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Congrats To The Texas Longhorns

I didn't think Texas could do it, but they did. They ripped the national championship from USC's arms right in their own backyard. There's a lot of unhappy OC Trojan fans right about now, including my wife, LOL. I am so happy right now. A hearty congratulations to the Longhorns for being the better team tonight. SC doesn't have anything to hang their head for. They played great too, but they just ran out of time.

I do have some bones to pick with Texas though. Those cheerleader outfits are just....well....so trailer park trashy/ugly/horrifying. What's up with those chaps and that white fringe on their uniforms??? Now the "male" cheerleader outfits according to my wife...look like members of the Village People. The other thing that scared me was that Texas chick directing the band on that ladder. OMG! Baby got back. There's two things SC will always have going for themselves. They have a great band and cute cheerleaders.


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