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Saturday, November 05, 2005

How Soon Until France Surrenders.....Again!

My over/under on when France will surrender to the muslim immigrants is about a week. France has a storied history on surrendering. It is said that the only wars they have ever won were civil wars, LOL. It's true. The muslim youth are said to be fed up with living conditions and lack of opportunities in France. If that's the case then they should go back to where they're from.

In all seriousness though, this was bound to happen when you have the amount of unchecked immigration that France has. When the immigrants don't assimilate, you will start seeing these problems arise more and more. Anyone see any similarities here in the US? I sure do. We have had unchecked illegal immigration for over thirty years now and look at what has been happening to California as a result of it. One drive through Santa Ana or East L.A. provides a look into a culture of people that have not assimilated to life here in the United States. How long will it be until they start rioting here because they're unhappy in the US for whatever reason? The liberal/multicultural/open border apologists still want unchecked immigration to this day. President Bush wants to give amnesty to all these lawbreakers for the sake of "being compassionate" not to mention that he is doing his best to pander to the "hispanic vote" because he doesn't want to offend all the illegals. It's truly sickening. If you want to see what's happening in France right now happen over here, just keep voting for politicians that give aid & comfort to these people.


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