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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Has Anyone Seen Bill Jones ???

*******All Points Bulletin************

Calling all Californians, we're looking for former California Secretary of State and current Republican US Senate nominee from California Bill Jones. He hasn't been seen lately. Please apprehend him and tell him he is running a super crappy campaign. Seriously though, I haven't seen one Bill Jones for Senate bumper sticker or yardsign or TV ad. Is this guy still running? I did receive a mailer the other day, but there is no buzz at all for Bill Jones right now. He should be pounding the hell out of Barbara Boxer right now on illegal immigration. He is not on TV at all in Orange county. If i'm not seeing signs of a campaign in the OC from a Republican US Senate nominee, you can pretty much rest assured that he is going to get his collective ass kicked on November 2nd. There I said it. I'm not going to sugarcoat it anymore. Please get off your butt Bill and act like your a candidate.


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