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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tom Dascle's Days Are Numbered

This is exciting news. The Dascle vs Thune Blog has Thune up three points in new poll out yesterday. Tom's days of being a liberal cheerleader in Washington DC and a "conservative when he gets home" are coming to a close. What is the most striking thing in the poll is the favorability gap between the two men. I will give this to Sen. Dascle, he is still leading over at Intrade/Tradesports. He was just trading at 56% last I looked. Once he gets starts trading below 50%, I believe the bottom will fall out. For years Dascle has gotten just enough crossover Republican votes to stay in power. He had to have those votes because South Dakota has a strong GOP registration advantage. Alas though, it is looking like those who have been croosing over are coming home this election.


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