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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Jay Leno on "Memogate"....

Here’s some good news - unemployment is down to 5.4% but a lot of people are still looking for jobs. If you’re looking for a job in TV, I understand "60 Minutes” needs a fact checker.
CBS News has a new slogan…."it seems real to us.”
The big story this week continues to be these forged documents that turned up on "60 Minutes”. Or, as the Democrats call them, weapons of mass "distraction”!
As I’m sure you know, there was speculation now that someone may have intentionally duped Dan Rather and "60 Minutes” cast by passing them forged documents. Don’t you hate to see these scams that target the elderly? It is wrong!
I think Dan’s getting a little desperate. Like today he produced another witness. This time he brought out "Joan of Arcadia” and she said that god told her the documents were real.
Dan Rather finally acknowledged there are "unanswered questions.” The last time they had this many "unanswered questions” on a TV show, Jessica Simpson was on "Jeopardy”.
Happy "TGIF” everybody – or as Republicans call it "thank God it’s a forgery”.
That was the big head in the "New York Times” said the CBS memos are "fake but accurate.” Fake but accurate? They’re like breasts in California. "Fake but accurate.”
CBS has a new slogan, "truth, you can't handle the truth!"
Actually there was one kind of embarrassing moment for President Bush when he heard that forged documents about him were discovered. Bush said, "What?!You mean they found my diploma from Yale?”
Today Dan Rather got some bad news, he's being investigated by "60 Minutes”.
On "60 Minutes” the other night Dan Rather interviewed the 86 year old former Texas National Guard Secretary. And Mike Wallace was furious. In fact he complained to "60 Minutes” producers, "How come Rather always gets to interview the hot chicks?!”


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