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Friday, August 20, 2004

Now Let's Talk About Something Important...

St.Louis Rams football! This should be a decent year. We have alot of new faces & coaches on the defensive side of the ball. Lovie Smith has flew the coop and landed in Chicago as their head coach. On the offensive side of the ball, it appears that Mike Martz is reshaping the offense from "The Greatest Show on Turf" into smashmouth football. They definately have the talent on offense. As usual with most NFL teams, staying relatively injury free is always the main concern. We unloaded Kurt Warner to the NY Giants and now he is their problem. It leaves Marc Bulger as the only proven QB under center though. Marshall Faulk is back healthy, but he gets banged a few times during the season, so having depth at running back is going to be important. I am predicting a 9-7 year for them with the playoffs just eluding them.


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