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Friday, August 13, 2004

Asa Gets Grilled in Temecula Today

U.S Rep Darrell Issa held a townhall style meeting today in Temecula on the illegal immigration issue with Undersecretary of Homeland Defense Asa Hutchinson as his guest. I don't know what Darrell was expecting, he tried to run interference for Asa, but the crowd was not swayed a bit by this slight of hand. The crowd "gets it" and Hutchison looked like a deer in the headlights. I think he was expecting a normal suburban Republican townhall meeting where everyone is kissing ass with the politicians, but instead he got the angry mob demanding answers about the interior border sweeps. One of the questions Asa asked the crowd was for intelligence of where all the illegals were. The crowd started yelling "Home Depot". It was totally hilarious yet totally accurate. Our politicians don't get it about illegal immigration but the average citizen does. They need to keep the interior enforcement up because it is effective and it is a great deterent. John & Ken showed up at the rally with their trademark bullhorn and a broom symbolizing the need to keep the interior sweeps going. Asa kept asking Darrell to come to his rescue, but the crowd was not buying his act. We need to send a message to these stupid politicians until they get it. I also noted that today was the deadline for David Dreier to appear on John & Ken's radio show and he did not make it. He is about to find out about the power of the "angry mob" as J&K have coined their listeners. We tossed out a child molester judge in Orange county and recalled a governor with their megaphone on KFI and we are about to show David Dreier the power of the illegal immigration as an issue. I think David Dreier is a great guy, but he just doesn't get it. He will in November.


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