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Friday, August 20, 2004

Kerry Files FEC Action to Muzzle Swiftboat Vets

Cue the baby crying music.

Rather than coping factually with the ever-expanding allegations of exaggeration and untruth in his Vietnam record, John F...ing Kerry is now trying to get the Federal Election Commission to sanction the Bush campaign for collusion with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Isn't it so sad? Here is the link


  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger bakho said…

    The Bitter Reality Brought by the Swift Boat Veterans
    Commentary by August Keso
    August 19, 2004

    Whether you support and believe the Swift Boat people or not, one thing is for certain: from now on, we veterans and our service to country will forever be in doubt.  From this day forward, no matter what is in your military record or mine can no longer be viewed as the definitive description of our time in service.
    The relatively insane notion that the Swift Boat people have put forward concerning Kerry’s service, that what is in his records is all false and cannot be trusted will now apply to one and all veterans.  All that will be required to wipe out the honor, integrity and value of your service is for one, ten or two hundred people with an agenda to step forward and proclaim they, and not the military know the truth.  In the doing, everything you did that was documented will be null and void.
    What the Swift Boat people would ask us to believe is this:  The glowing fitness reports written by Elliott, of Kerry thirty years ago are false. That Elliott had no idea what he was writing when he penned, “In a combat environment often requiring independent, decisive action LTJG Kerry was unsurpassed….LTJG Kerry emerges as the acknowledged leader in his peer group.”  According to O’Neill and his Swift Boat buddies, Elliott was such an incompetent Commanding Officer that he in essence allowed Kerry to write his own Fitness Reports.
    What is more, according to O’Neill and the Swift Boat people, the Navy and Elliott were so inept and devoid of honor that they allowed Kerry to write his own commendations.  That is right, there was no independent verification required when it came to Kerry.  He simply told Elliott what he wanted – silver star this time, purple heart next and of course a bronze star for good measure - and the Commanding Officer went about busying himself writing the commendations on Kerry’s behalf.
    Apparently as it pertained to Kerry, the Navy and Elliott held so little regard for the services proud traditions of honor, courage and valor that they gave out the commendations like so much penny bubble-gum.  That is how the United States military works isn’t it?  That was every military person’s experience wasn’t it?
    We all got to write our own reviews, put ourselves in for commendations and accolades.  We all remember our Commanding Officers calling us into their offices and telling us, “Look, I’ve got this Fitness Report to do here.  Can you tell me what I should write in this thing?  I know if I hadn’t observed you I could simply write or check ‘not observed’ but heck I am bored and need something to do.”  Isn’t that the way our military and its commanders have always went about their business?
    I am sure we all have stories of knocking on our CO’s hatch and informing him that we feel deserving of a medal of valor, and then the ol’ man getting busy with writing one up for us.  Come on, you all remember these incidents don’t you?
    Truth be told, of the five commendations that I received during my service, I wasn’t even aware of having been put in for them until after they were submitted.  One time, I was called out of formation without a clue as to why?  I marched forward and placed myself at attention.  The citation was read out loud and someone pinned a medal to my left breast pocket.  Nobody ever asked me whether I deserved or wanted the medal, or any commendation ever given to me.  I certainly didn’t and can say with the utmost confidence that nobody in my unit ever put themselves in for recognition.
    I can say too with even greater confidence that had any person put themselves in for any recognition they would have been laughed out of the Marine Corps.  The same goes for my reviews.  Not once did anybody in my chain of command ask me what they should write, or if I wanted to write it for myself.  Had I or anybody else tried to tell our CO what our review should be, or what it should include our standing would have forever been diminished.  I am sure too that the review would have reflected our arrogance and poor judgment. 
    The questions concerning the Swift Boat people are these:  How many veterans out there today, can make the Swift Boat accusations concerning Kerry’s Fitness Reports and Medals fit their experience?  How many veterans out there wrote their-own citations?  How many wrote their-own reviews?  How many believe that their branch of service, or Commanding Officer would have even considered allowing them to put themselves in for medals of valor?  How about writing their own Fitness Reports or telling their CO what to write in the Fitness Report?
    The Swift Boat people have cheapened all our service.  What our Commanding Officers and branch of service thought of our performance twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years ago means nothing today.  If Kerry’s military records cannot be trusted, neither can mine, nor can yours!  Thanks, to the Swift Boat people our honorable service has been denigrated – and when the folks get back from Iraq and Afghanistan, what will their service be worth?  They had all better hope that they don’t offend anybody while serving because if they do, nothing their official military records contain will amount to anything.

  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    Nice cut & paste job. I would have liked to read an original thought though. I'm sure you have one. Why is it okay for groups like Move-On.org and Americans Coming Together to spend over $60 million on negative Bush ads, but it's not okay for a group of Vietnam vets to be critical of Sen Kerry. Makes you wonder.

  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger TheGrinder said…

    "Whether you support and believe the Swift Boat people or not, one thing is for certain: from now on, we veterans and our service to country will forever be in doubt. From this day forward, no matter what is in your military record or mine can no longer be viewed as the definitive description of our time in service."

    I think the service to our country part was thrown in doubt on April 22, 1971. A certain Naval reservist accused the entire military of war crimes. Wonder who that was?


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