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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Call 911 Quick....A Recap of the Morning Shows

They're was a beating this morning on "Meet The Press" with Tim Russert. Sen Allen and Ken Mehlman just lit up their adversaries Sen Jon Corzine and Kerry spokeshole Tad Devine. It wasn't even fair. I know it was a beating because even the dem posters over at Daily Kos thought so. Hey we agree on something Democrats. You guys got your ass kicked this morning. Add to that the fact that the whole Kerry Vietnam,Christmas in Cambodia, swiftboat vet story has reached critical mass now. I didn't see John O Neil versus John Podesta, but I was again reading over at some dem blogs about how Podesta was so timid and O'Neil was just on his game. I see this week playing out right now as kerry continuing to try to defend his flank against the swiftboat vets. That's another week that he is being defined and not on the attack himself. Karl Rove has the Kerry campaign on its heels right now.


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