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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Let's Go Out There and Win One For the Gipper

As i'm sitting here at my desk thinking of how we all can best honor Ronald Reagan,I got it.What if everyone took one Saturday a month out their busy schedule and volunteered for the local/county Bush Cheney 2004 team from now until election time to help Bush across the finish line a winner.It is going to take a huge effort to turn out our voters.The RNC has put together what they call the "72 hour task force" to mobilize voters during the last weekend before the Tuesday election.We plan to put together the biggest get out the vote drive that has ever been undertaken by a campaign.Everyone knows that the stakes couldn't be higher in November.Everything from security,taxes,judgeships,etc is on the table.A few votes in a few swing states is going to make all the difference.An added benefit is that working for the campaign is fun.You get to meet all kinds of new people and make new friends with people of like mind.


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