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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dodgers vs Yankees

This past weekends' games of the Dodgers playing the Yankees brought back alot of memories for me.First let me say that I used to be a Dodger fan through and through.I have not followed them too closely lately because quite frankly they suck! The last straw for me was when they traded Mike Piazza and then proceeded to sell the team to Fox.Now a guy from Boston named Frank McCourt owns the team? What's wrong with that picture? Anyway I remember vividly the two back to back world series that the Dodgers and Yankees played back in the late seventies'.I remember Mr. October Reggie Jackson hitting three bombs in one game to win the series and rip our hearts out.I remember "the rundown" where Steve Garvey threw the ball back to the second baseman and Reggie stuck his wide body in front of the ball and the ball then hitting him.Tommy Lasorda ran out to argue,but it was all for not.My,my how baseball has changed from those days.Anyone remember these guys?

And who could forget this moment in time


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