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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Breaking News... RINO Jim Kolbe Retires

Good news from the state of Arizona tonight. Eleven term Rep Jim Kolbe has decided not to seek re-election in his southeast Arizona district. Good riddance I say. There was no truth to the rumor that he and David Dreier were boyfriends(Kolbe is an openly gay guy and Dreier just hasn't been outed yet....sorry, another poor attempt at humor). This guy was a waterboy for the open border lobby. Already running hard to replace him is Arizona state rep and Minuteman Randy Graf. This is a huge opportunity to send a good solid conservative to Congress. This will be also be a huge test for the Club For Growth. If they endorse a country club/open border Republican over Randy Graf then I will have to seriously reconsider my membership with the group. I'll have more to say about this race as it heats up some more.


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