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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Night That Will Live In Infamy

Last night at The OC GOP Central Committee is a night that will live in infamy. It was Black Monday and a high water mark for the local GOP ruling class that is on life support. You see, ever since they got crushed in the last Central Committee elections, they have been picking fights with Tea Party activists that have been criticizing the party leadership. The whole current Exec Comm lives in their own little bubble. They have no concept of what is happening out the country this year.

So back to last night. Lynn Schott was trying to win the party's endorsement for the Irvine City council race. She was vetted by the Endorsement Committee and passed by a 5 to 1 favorable vote. This brings us to what happened yesterday. Lynn spoke to the full committee, Tim Whitacre spoke for her, and I spoke for her. No one spoke against her endorsement. So the vote comes up and it was 31 to 16...one vote short of the endorsement. Every single member of the party's Exec Committee voted against her. All it took was for one brave Exec Comm member or ex-officio to stand up and do what's right for Irvine, but alas, all there was, was kool aid drinking going on. The edict came down from high up that this endorsement must be blocked because how dare we dissent from the party leadership the way the party has been run into the ground. I pin the blame on Congressman John Campbell. His representative could have ended all of this and supported reconsideration of the vote, but he would not come off his NO position. Therefore it can be said with clarity that our Congressman representing Irvine supports Larry Agran. It is really that simple.

I saw a bunch of happy faces up there on the Exec Comm that this endorsement was blocked. Adam Probolsky was practically giddy when I spoke to him. Thanks Adam. Stay classy.

Somewhere tonight, Larry Agran is smiling. He should send a thank you card to Congressman Campbell, Mark Bucher, Scott Baugh, Mary Young, Kermit Marsh, Jack Anderson, Marcia Gilchrist, Fred Whitaker, Ed Royce, John Williams, and Adam Probolsky. Thanks guys for giving us at least two more years of corrupt leadership here in Irvine. Hope that was worth it.

I can't wait for next year.


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Frederick said…

    So the issue was that Lynn was associated with people who were trying to hold the party "leadership" accountable? Of all the horrific crimes... Next year.


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