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Monday, February 02, 2009

Why Are Young Voters Not Voting Republican?

So I fire opened the Sunday Register and right there on the front page of the front section was a big story about why younger voters are fleeing the Republican Party. I'll go over the reasons in a second, but I loved this quote from our Chairman Scott Baugh...
"It is clear the youth (in 2008) were not buying what the Republican Party was advocating," said Scott Baugh, chairman of the Orange County Republican Party. "Whether it was the message or the image is not clear, but the message needs to change and the messengers need to be young dynamic Republicans," Baugh said
First of all, it would be great if our messengers were young and dynamic, but I seem to remember an older very dynamic President by the name of Ronald Reagan that was greatly appealing to a lot of the younger voters back in the day. He is the reason I am a Republican today. So I disagree that the messenger has to be young. I do agree that the younger voters were not buying the GOP brand of George Bush. Hell most Republicans at the end of Bush's term were not buying what George Bush was hocking, namely endless wars, skyrocketing deficits, huge spending, assaults on our liberties, etc. I mean the list is so long. I know one Republican that was running for President that had huge support from the younger generation. Anyone take a guess who that guy could have been? That's right, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. He captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of young voters who were tired of eight dark years of George Bush.


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  • At 1:26 PM, Anonymous MIlt Dardis said…

    Young people are not sheep. They know that Do Nothing Dana represents Nothing and Chris Cox did Nothing during the Bernie Madeoff crises.

    Work the polls and the youth of America will tell you why the GOP does not appeal to them.
    Milt Dardis
    Huntington Beach Ca


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