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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Confidence Motion In Sheriff Hutchens CCW Policy

Last night at the OC GOP Central Committee was set to be a quick meeting because cherry pie was awaiting over at Antonellos for the pre Flag Day sale. As the meeting was getting set to wrap up, Bruce Whitaker rose to make a motion to suspend the rules to debate a no confidence motion in Sheriff Hutchens anti-gun CCW policy. Normally these types of motions go through a Resolutions Committee where they are summarily killed. I've also been told that these types of resolutions are usually not offered that criticize elected officials. I don't understand this. This is good opportunity to show the voters we care about this issue. So last night Bruce asked me to second his motion and I was happy to do so. I've seen and read enough lately about Sheriff Hutchens CCW policy to know that she is not a friend to gun owners and people that would like the opportunity to be issued a concealed weapons permit. A lot of Central Committee members were absent. The vote came down 24 to 14....a couple votes short of a 2/3 majority needed to debate the resolution. A couple of natural 2nd Amendment supporters told me afterwards that had this gone through the committee and been vetted before that they will most likely support it next month. So I encourage Mr Whitaker to submit it to the Resolutions Committee and see what happens. We can then invite the Sheriff to come down and defend her policy and let the chips fall where they may.


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