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Friday, September 12, 2008

Overdue Makeup Call Coming For OJ Simpson

A jury has been seated for the upcoming Las Vegas OJ Simpson trial. Most of the jury is made up of white people...unlike the all black one back in 1995 that let the murderer go free. Well it's time for a little payback for the "Juice". In sports parlance, it's what's known as the "makeup call". Sometimes in the heat of a basketball, football, or baseball game the refs or umps blow the call. Sometimes its benign, but sometimes it costs the other team the game. So to make up for these "blown calls", the refs will have a makeup call later in the game to offset the bad call from earlier. They missed a hack on one end, and now they're whistling him for an offensive foul on the other. In my opinion, this is going to happen out in Las Vegas. It's obvious that the jury back in 1995 made the wrong call for whatever their motivation was. This is going to be jury nullification in reverse. Pretty soon OJ can look for Ron & Nicole's killer in the Nevada penitentiary system(or he can look in the mirror, LOL).


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