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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Official...Arnold Is Now Worse Than Gray Davis

You really gotta hand it to our governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's a great actor. His whole tenure as governor has been one big acting job. His final act of transformation is his proposal to raise the state sales tax by 14%...something he said he would never do. What suckers we are. I blame myself for not voting Tom McClintock in the recall. In our fervor to recall Gray Davis, we fell for the guy that was "electable" but had no track record of being who he said he was, namely a fiscally conservative Republican. We know now that he is a liar. It was his "no new taxes" pledge that got reluctant conservatives to vote for him. He was going to be a backstop/goalie when the liberal legislature wanted to raise taxes. Now he has become an enabler. The California Republican Party needs to take a stand on this governor at the upcoming fall state convention. If we become a party that tolerates tax increases because the politicians failed in their duties, than we have no reason for such existence as a party.


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