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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Made It To Minneapolis

Advice on taking a redeye flight...don't do it. I hated it. I left LAX last night and got into Minneapolis/St. Paul at 6 am this morning. I've just awakened from trying to catch up on some sleep, but I still feel fatigued. Oh well, I'm gonna rally tonight and head downtown to see what's happening around the city. The "Ronulans" have invaded the city from all things I have seen so far. The Northwest flight out of LAX was packed with em and my hotel out in Brooklyn Center is full of us. I get the feeling that Tuesday is gonna be a huge showing at the Target Center. I've never been to a National GOP Convention so I am looking forward to seeing what the atmosphere is gonna be like. The word is filtering through the Ron Paul community and from some news reports that St. Paul/Minneapolis is a defacto police state right now with numerous arrests and raids of protesters and where they are staying. That's to bad. It's one thing if these guys are genuinely breaking the law, but I get the sense that the word has gone out by team McCain to squelch any kind of protest that may be going on or is set to happen. Here's a link to Glenn Greenwald about the police raids.


  • At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So how was your convention? I saw some of the Ron Paul speech. Your
    enthusiasm is unmatched at either the
    DNC or RNC.


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