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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Border Fence Gutted By...Open Border Republicans

With friends like Texas GOP Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jorge Bush on illegal immigration, who needs enemies. The double layered border fence that was approved last year before the election, was gutted in the Omnibus spending bill just approved by Congress. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I called Congressman John Campbell's office to ask about this and was told the Congressman was very unhappy about this as well. Here is his statement he put out...
Update on the Border Fence

December 19, 2007: Regrettably, it appears that Secretary Chertoff will not have the opportunity to complete the planned 700 mile long, double-walled, pedestrian fence in 2008 due to lack of funding. Despite my vote in opposition, on December 17, 2007 the House passed H.R. 2764, an omnibus spending bill that included 11 appropriations measures. This legislation contained funding for Homeland Security and, more specifically, border security. I voted against this legislation for a number of reasons and was particularly frustrated that Democrat leadership completely failed the American people by drastically under funding the border fence and our border patrol. Additionally, House leadership included intentionally vague language in this bill which will both slow down construction of the fence and reduce it from a double layered wall to a single layer. Instead of taking this opportunity to show unanimous support for securing our open, southern border and encouraging the quick completion of the border fence, the Democrats have chosen to bankrupt the task while simultaneously awarding billions of dollars in worthless earmarks to wasteful projects.

After passing the Senate, H.R. 2764 was sent to the President to be signed into law. While this is a sad day for those of us who understand the need for strict immigration law enforcement and a protected border, it is by no means the end of our effort. Although this bill has hampered construction and extended the timeline for completion, some of the fence will still continue to be built. However, we will need to make legislative changes in the 2008 to ensure that it is completed, double-walled, and properly controlled.

Rest assured, I will continue to fight any further legislative efforts to reduce, eliminate or block funding for the border fence in the House. This fence is a critical portion of my overall commitment to “enforcement-first” immigration policy. I will be monitoring construction progress very closely and will be working to restore border security funding in 2008.


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