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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Betrayal By The White House....Viva Reconquista!

You could call this the final insult, but there have been so many lately coming from the Whitehouse on the immigration issue that I am becoming more jaded every day. If I told you guys, my faithful readers, that Bill Clinton was going to a KKK convention to give a speech to them trying to include them in the Democratic Party's strategic goal of coalition building, you would probably say that it is not a very smart move of Bubba to do this. Why would he risk trying to win a few kook racist votes and end up alienating a key constituency... i.e the Black vote? Follow me here, next week the so called guru himself, Karl Rove, is going to give a speech to none other than the National Council of La Raza on the pending immigration/amnesty bill. Nice going Karl. What...was the brotherhood of MECHA booked up? Was Illegals For AZTLAN not available?

The really sad part about this is that Karl can't tie his shoes without upper level management approval. So this means Bush has personally authorized this sell out for the sake of trying to win a few marginal hispanic votes from people that, let's face it....they don't vote and a lot of them can't vote because they don't have papers. You're trying to suck up to a racist organization. This constituency really doesn't vote in numbers and you're going to end up offending people like me and many others who actually get to vote. Hello....anyone home McFly? Is this microphone on? Ahh forget about it. Check please.


  • At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    Papers? You need papers to vote? Since the Democrats have made sure that ID's can not be checked at the polls, I bet a lot of illegals vote and are encouraged by the Democrats to do so. Remember the Democratic candidate for congress in San Diego encouraging them? Remember Nativo Lopez getting caught in the 2000 election registering illlegals? Besides the percentage of hispanics voting increases dramatically in each election.


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