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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

UCLA Students Fight Back

I have to post about this story because it deals directly with my favorite institution of higher learning. That would be UCLA of course. Most people know that I didn't actually attend UCLA. I went to Long Beach St, but I had lots of friends that did go there and I spent quite a lot of quality party time on fraternity row on Gailey Ave. The stories of UCLA profs being extremely liberal are all true and one alum has had enough. Andrew Jones has formed the "Bruin Alumni Assn." for the purpose of outing as many liberal professors as possible. I have a more challenging idea for Andrew. He should try to find all the middle of the road and conservative professors. That would be like finding a needle in a haystack....a very rare occurence indeed. It's a well known fact that almost all UCLA educators are from the far left of the political spectrum. I applaud Andrew for his efforts. Here is his website, UCLA Profs. The goal of the organization is to "out" as many commie professors as possible. Again that shouldn't be to hard as they grow on trees there. So in the spirit of "The Mighty Bruins"(click here to listen), I am going to add a link to his group on my blogroll.

I was also curious to see what Professor Bainbridge had to say about this organization. Here is his take. He is a business professor at UCLA and has a widely read conservative blog. Thanks for the support Prof. Bainbridge.


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