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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Irvine Passes "Ethics Ordinance"

It was almost midnight last night when the Irvine City Council passed Larry Agran's so called "ethics ordinance". Here is the article from the OC Register. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch or attend the meeting because I was attending to some business last night myself. From reading the Register article, it sounds like it was classic Larry Agran "wait until midnight" to get to the meaty part of the agenda. This was pure hardball politics plain and simple. Larry has the loyalties and votes from Beth Krom and Sukkee Kang to pass anything he wants. If he proposed an ordinance proclaiming himself the King of Irvine, those two kool-aid drinkers would vote with him on it. So help me though if he tries to pass some sort of day labor center ordinance. I have my own reservations about the way Christina Shea has carried herself lately, but she has a right to make a living as a lobbyist or whatever she wants to do and for Larry to be pulling these kinds of stunts, well lets just say it doesn't surprise me.


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