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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate Thoughts

The debates are now history. The talking heads are spinning like crazy. The people of this country will be the final arbiters of who they thought won the debates. I think Bush had a good night last night, but the futures for Bush have been selling off a little since the close of the debate last night. Bush is still around the 55% level, but if he drops any further, we truly will have a toss-up race. Right now there is a slight electoral college edge for Bush according to the individual state future markets. Bush is above 50% in every state he won last time except for New Hampshire and he is also ahead in two Gore states from 2000. Those states are Iowa and Wisconsin. The next 19 days are going to be a long hard slog. Anything can still happen also as far terrorists or Bin Laden. Hopefully nothing will happen.


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