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Friday, September 17, 2004

Political Human Sacrifice Moving Forward.

John and Ken of KFI AM640 radio here in Los Angeles held their first political human sacrifice rally outside of David Dreier's office in Glendora yesterday. I was not there, but from the sounds of it and the reports from the local media, it was a smashing success. Jane Chastain has a great article on the rally here also. There is going to be a big shockwave sent to Washington DC when "Dreier the liar" is voted out of office in November. I like David Dreier, but he has been in office for twenty four years and quite frankly is way out of the mainstream on the most important issue facing Southern California right now which is illegal immigration. Just this week he voted for an amendment to the 2005 Treasury Appropriation bill that would permit banks to allow illegal aliens to use a "matricular consular card" from Mexico as a valid ID. Dreier has a score of 13 from Americans for Better Immigration. Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein have higher ratings than Dreier on Illegal immigration than Dreier. The boys interviewed Cynthia Matthews at the rally. She is running against Dreir for the seat. I am predicting right here and now that she will pull a huge upset and defeat Dreier on November 2nd. To balance this seat out, the guys are also targeting Joe Baca for defeat. He was the congressman you remember who had a cow that the border patrol were doing interior sweeps and went and bitched to Asa Hutchinson. Asa caved in to him and the sweeps were told to stop. This is a good trade off. We defeat one Republican and one Democrat and we send a huge message. By the way, the gentleman who is running against Joe Baca is Ed Laning.


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