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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Listen Up Everybody....

Please get a pen and piece of paper and write out a thank you note to Dan Rather care of CBS News in New York City. This is very important. For the John Kerry people out there, your man is a goner. Secretly you know you have been admiting this to yourself for the last few days. Come on be honest. Just today alone Bush has rallied another four full points over at Intrade/Tradesports! He is trading at a crisp 66.7% last I checked a few minutes ago. That's up from 62% this morning. I can't emphasize enough how we must all send Dan a thank you note. He tried his best to bully Bush 41 back in 1988 when Vice President Bush was running for President and of course his latest folly of trying to use fraudulent documents to take down Bush 43. Both times, he has failed miserably. Maybe when all this is finished John Edwards can go back to doing what he does best and sue Viacom/CBS for sinking their ship before it really got out of port.


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