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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesday Thoughts

As i was going through the news today,I am always struck when I hear democrats,specifically Hillary at a San Francisco fundraiser for Barbara Boxer,say that we need to recind the recent tax cuts for the "common good". Huh???? Excuse me Hillary, but the money I earn is my money and not the federal governments money. We are not under taxed in the US. What an amazing story.

Also we handed sovereignty back to the Iraqis yesterday. That was a great symbolic day for them if nothing else. We all know that security is still going to be a problem for them over there,but it was nice to see that we are keeping our word to them that we are not occupiers,but liberators. Their destiny is in their hands now.

I have mixed emotions about the Supreme Court's ruling that enemy combatants can now have access to the US Judical system. On one hand everyone deserves to get their due process and day in court if accused of a crime, but the people we have down at GITMO are not US citizens. They are enemy combatants. Are our soldiers now supposed to start reading the Miranda warning to all prisoners of war that we capture? Hard questions. I think the court has just muddied the waters


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