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Thursday, November 17, 2005

IRC Volunteer Appreciation Party Roundup

We had a great turnout tonight up here in Turtle Rock in the heart of conservative Irvine. Even John Campbell showed up to thank our volunteers. Also making an appearance was State Senate conservative candidate Diane Harkey. It was a fun party. The highlight of the party was Senator Campbell speaking about what he wants to accomplish back in DC. It was heavy on the war on terror. He sounded animated that the GOP was not on offense right now and we need get back to offense. He's right about that. I actually got a chance to speak with him for about one akward minute. He said that he was reassured in a private meeting with President Bush that amnesty is off the table for right now. That remains to be seen. We'll have to see what happens, but I don't have any trust with the President on this issue to do the right thing. I was glad that John showed up to thank all the volunteers in person. I told him that I will be his biggest cheerleader if goes back to DC and votes the right way on the issues that matter. I'm glad that I stood up for principle and we had a good healthy debate about the issues in this campaign. The consensus from speaking to most of the IRC leadership and rank & file was that this contested race for the 48th CD is nothing but a net benefit to John Campbell if he gets elected on Dec 6th. I stood up on principle when most people would not even though they felt like I did that Senator Campbell made a lot of bad votes on illegal immigration while he was in Sacramento. It's water under the bridge if he gets elected as far as I'm concerned if he starts voting as a true conservative.

Lastly, here is a little bit of gossip that I won't attribute to anyone, but I was asking around about who the GOP is going to run against the Agran/Dornan corrupt machine next year in the Irvine City Council elections. I can report that we do indeed have some interesting developments in the race. The rumor is that we are going to put together a reform slate with one Democrat on the ticket who despises Larry Agran and knows how he operates. Any idea of that Democrat of principle is? My source said it was none other than Chris Mears. I don't have the names of the Republicans yet, but this is certainly good news. Contrary to what some people might think(Phil Paule), I am not going to be one of those GOP candidates.

Here's a picture from last night. From left to right that's my wife Lynn, yours truly and Senator John Campbell. For full disclosure I am still going to vote for Jim Gilchrist, but if John wins then I will take a wait and see attitude and if if he does well during the next eight months before the next June primary, I will gladly support him. He needs to put some "proof in the pudding" for me and a lot of others though before we'll fully support him.


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    You forgot to brag about that fabulous cake Lynn brought.


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