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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

President Bush Says US Dollar "Adjusting"

You just have to laugh sometimes at the people in charge of our country...or cry for that matter. Today when asked about his policy for a strong US Dollar, the President said it is currently "adjusting". Now just stop for a moment and let that last quote sink in. This has got to be the euphemism of the year so far....adjusting???? The frikkin thing is falling off the face of this Earth right now. I think our President needs to break out his Thesaurus and come up with a new adjective. I'd use words like free falling, collapsing, tanking, crashing and burning, nose diving, disintegrating, debacle, breaking down, annihilated, carnage, etc. You get the picture. His speech writer needs to do better. I leave you with a sad but true illustration of where our dollar is headed.


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