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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wacko Jacko Jury Is Set

It's looks like Michael Jackson will finally have a jury of his peers. Today up in Santa Maria the jurors for his child molestation trial were seated. There was not one black person on the jury. Like i said, a true jury of his peers.....Michael Jackson is white! Just look at that picture of him today as he arrived to court.....hello freakshow! The jury is composed of eight non hispanic whites, three hispanics and one person of asian descent.


  • At 9:22 AM, Blogger I am Nada Republican said…

    Just because someone is weird looking does equal child molester. This family suing him had many other "lawsuits" with large corporations like WalMart. Seems like they want some $$. How about the parents of the child taking a little responsibility for handing their child over to Michael Jackson for the night - unsupervised. Just because he is a famous celebrity, does that mean you just let your kid stay the night?
    He may have done it, who knows. But just because he's had a lot of plastic surgery and changed his skin color doesn't mean guilty of child molestation. Most Catholic priests in the scandal haven't had a lot of nip/tuck.
    Also noteworthy, even when you do a lot of good for charity, people really like to highlight and remember the bad stuff. Media and the public both equally guilty. We also love a good ole American comeback kid.
    Welcome back (soon), Martha Stewart.


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